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If you have been injured in an accident,
you can’t afford to be without a Car Accident Lawyer.

Car Accident LawyerThe attorneys at Rizio Liberty Lipinsky have the experience, knowledge, and compassion to get you through the aftermath of an auto accident and see that you get justly compensated for your medical bills, time away from work and future expenses associated with the incident.

Types of Car Accidents That Qualify for Compensation

If you sustain an injury, or a passenger is injured or killed, you should get the help of a car accident lawyer to evaluate your case.

Some of the types of car accidents include:

Car Accident Injuries Have a Financial Toll

Car Accident Lawyer

When you are injured in an auto collision caused by another driver, or if a loved one has been killed or injured, your resulting expenses are not limited to your current medical bills and property damage. Many injuries, including spinal and brain injuries, may affect your wage earning ability for the rest of your life. You may also experience psychological problems stemming from your car accident.

Common causes of auto accidents include:

When to Call a Car Accident Lawyer

You should seek the legal help of a car accident attorney when involved in a car accident, regardless of fault. If an insurance company offers a settlement that seems too little for the claim, if the agent is pushing you to accept it or if you only want to know what is at stake for you and your loved ones, contact an auto accident attorney before signing off on a settlement. We have provided resources to help you understand auto insurance coverage as well as what is involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist .

Rizio Liberty Lipinsky Can Help

Rizio Liberty Lipinsky represents victims of auto accidents in California. With the skill that comes from experience, Rizio attorneys fight for the compensation you deserve, both for the present and the future. Schedule your free initial consultation today by calling 888-292-8888, or complete our online form and we will contact you promptly.

We have lawyers conveniently located throughout Southern California, including Riverside Car Accident Lawyer, Orange County Car Accident Lawyer, and San Bernardino Car Accident Lawyer.

Rizio Liberty Lipinsky’s jury verdict of $57.9 MILLION was awarded to a 25 year old man who was severely injured in a car accident.  This is the highest personal injury award in California and the second highest personal injury awarded nationwide that year.  This verdict won Greg Rizio the prestigious Consumer Attorney of the Year award for 2015.

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