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Examining Truck Accident Causes – How Certain Factors Can Increase the Risk of Collisions


Truck Accident Causes

If an automotive collision has injured a driver, our experienced lawyers can determine the causes of the incident and evaluate actions that could have prevented the collision. When studying truck accident causes, our experts may examine defective brakes, tires that are underinflated, the actions of motorists who did not adhere to the traffic signs, debris that could increase the likelihood of a collision, the condition of the roads, especially wide turns, excessive driving that might have fatigued a motorist and lane changes. Our specialists also offer services for clients who were involved in collisions that were caused by intoxicated drivers or motorists who were using their mobile devices.

Considering a Vehicle’s Brakes

When studying an accident that involves a truck, our experts may analyze the brakes, inspect sections of the brake lines and determine the level of brake fluid in the vehicle’s master cylinder. If defective brakes increased the risk of a collision, our specialists might create a detailed report that can evaluate the components, wet roads that could have reduced the effectiveness of the brakes and routine maintenance that the components required.

Examining Traffic Signs

If a motorist causes a collision, our experts can evaluate the traffic signs that are situated near the scene of the accident, and we may determine the locations of yield signs and the orientation of the lanes. According to one survey, at least 35 percent of collisions could have been avoided if a driver followed the guidelines of nearby traffic signs.

Managing Lane Changes

When examining accidents that involve tractor-trailers, some surveys have shown that frequent lane changes may double the risk of collisions. If a truck is hauling an excessive load, a lane change could prompt the trailer to shift, so the extra load may force the truck to drift into multiple lanes. Furthermore, the loads could cause excessive wear that affects the brakes, the tires, a vehicle’s suspension system and the steering system.

Checking Blind Spots

Recently, a detailed report indicated that at least 16 percent of truck drivers do not frequently check their blind spots. When analyzing truck accident causes, our experts can examine blind spots and the section of the tractor-trailer that collided with a vehicle. Moreover, we may view reports that describe training that the driver received, the positions of the truck’s mirrors and techniques that may reduce the risks that are associated with blind spots.

Studying Collisions That Are Caused by Fatigue

Truck drivers should only operate vehicles for 10 hours during each day. Some estimates have indicated that more than 50 percent of truck drivers regularly become fatigued while they are traveling. According to multiple studies, fatigue can hinder an individual’s reflexes, affect critical thinking, reduce focus and increase the risk of vehicular accidents.

Scheduling a Free Consultation

If you have been involved in an automotive collision, you can evaluate certain cases that we have managed, our company’s blog and videos that our experts have created. Once our attorneys study a collision, we can examine the costs of medical care, the cumulative worth of items that have been damaged, the injuries that the collision caused and the results of emotional distress. When you would like to schedule a free consultation, you should call 888-292-8888. You may also fill out our online contact form and a lawyer will get back to you promptly regarding your case.

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