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Using our decades of experience, we have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for victims of personal injury, workplace injustice & discrimination, and civil rights violations.

The attorneys at Rizio Lipinsky Heiting  have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients. Our case results are matched by very few other personal injury and employment attorneys in the state of California and throughout the nation. That is why Rizio Lipinsky Heiting is certified by the Trial Lawyers Board of Regents as being in the top 1% of attorneys nationwide on the basis of their case results.

Our personal injury attorneys and employment lawyers at Rizio Lipinsky Heiting are experienced, awarded, and highly regarded due to their high level of client advocacy and litigation skills, their involvement and investment in raising the bar of excellence in the California legal community, and the incredible verdicts and settlements they have obtained over the past two decades.

The Rizio Lipinsky Heiting attorneys have successfully fought for and won substantial victories on behalf of thousands of injured victims, including those who have suffered from traumatic brain injury, complex regional pain syndrome, spinal cord injuries, and other injuries resulting from auto and motorcycle accidents. They have also gained substantial verdicts for our clients that have been injured as a result of dog bites, slip and falls, and defective products. Finally, they have consistently secured much needed compensation for families devastated by a wrongful death.

Notable Verdicts and Settlements

Some of the notable settlements and jury verdicts achieved

by the Rizio Lipinsky Heiting personal injury attorneys and employment lawyers include:


Jury verdict awarded to a 25-year-old man who was severely injured in a car accident that occurred on a freeway in Riverside County. The verdict is the highest-ever personal injury award in Riverside County, California and was also the highest personal injury award in the State of California.


Jury verdict awarded to a client in Orange County, California as a result of Bad Faith by an insurance company.


Settlement awarded to 16-year-old who was severely injured as a result of a dangerous road condition in the City of San Dimas, California. This case resulted in a complete redesign of the roadway, ensuring future safety of its motorists.


Settlement awarded to a 41-year-old woman who developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome after suffering trip and fall injuries caused by dangerous property conditions in the city of Victorville, California.


Settlement awarded to employees from a San Bernardino manufacturing company who discovered a surveillance device had been placed in the workplace restroom. Plaintiffs sought emotional distress and punitive damages in this sexual harassment and invasion of privacy case.


Jury verdict awarded to members of a class action lawsuit in Los Angeles County, California involving Bad Faith and Breach of Contract by a major insurance company.


Settlement awarded to a client whose mentally ill son killed her husband after being taken off his medications and carelessly released by a rehabilitation center which was found to be operating without proper licensing and qualifications.


Settlement awarded to the family of a utilities worker in San Diego, California who was electrocuted and killed due to faulty work and dangerous conditions that had been caused by a national communications company.


Binding Arbitration award in favor of a former executive level employee who was wrongfully and pretextually terminated by his employer.


Jury verdict awarded to two employees in San Bernardino who claimed they were terminated in retaliation for reporting an affair between their supervisor and a subordinate which resulted in favoritism.


Settlement awarded to two San Diego bankers who claimed Bank of America induced to relocate based on false promises. In a historic award, an NASD arbitration panel denied Bank of America’s counter-claims in their entirety and awarded damages to the claimants.


Settlement awarded to a motorcyclist who was hit by a motorist driving a county vehicle. The motorcyclist suffered significant injuries including fractures to his pelvis, knee, femur, and shoulder. Although the motorcyclist had a good recovery, his injuries had forced him to leave his career in the military and retrain for new employment in the private sector.


Settlement awarded for sexual harassment to an Orange County woman who claimed she was sexually assaulted by her superior on her first day of work. Defendant denied that the assault occurred.


Settlement awarded to plaintiffs residing and working in Nevada who alleged sexual harassment by a co-worker and retaliation by their employer.


Settlement awarded to a woman in Riverside who alleged that her employer unlawfully subjected her to disciplinary action in the form of a five-day unpaid suspension in retaliation for bringing a discrimination lawsuit two years earlier.


Settlement awarded to a San Bernardino man who alleged that he was pervasively harassed by his supervisors due to his intellectual disability. Defendant claimed that the disability harassment was “horseplay.”


Settlement awarded to a woman in Los Angeles in a failure to accommodate claim. In this case, a disabled woman required an employment transfer to within 50 miles of her home as an accommodation to perform the essential functions of her job. Defendant denied request, claiming it as unreasonable.


Settlement for a retaliation claim in Orange County in which a woman claimed she was laid off from her company in retaliation for making complaints the prior year stemming from what she believed was an unfair performance evaluation because of her disability and her need to take a one-month disability leave of absence.


Settlement offered in this federal case in which a disabled plaintiff required an accommodation from his employer of not having to lift more than 15 pounds. Defendants contended that this was an essential function of his job and there were no other positions for which the plaintiff was qualified.

This provides a small sampling of the many successful cases, settlements, and verdicts that have been achieved by Rizio Lipinsky Heiting’s attorneys. Through these cases (and our hundreds of other cases not mentioned here), Rizio Lipinsky Heiting has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for many wonderful clients who have given us the privilege to be their champion of justice.

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