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If you or someone you know has become the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace, you are likely wondering what options are available that will help you find a solution. Many women face this problem but don’t know how to respond in a way that will give them the best possible results. Those who face sexual harassment can experience stress and anxiety each time they report to work, and nobody deserves to live in fear.

Some women will even quit their jobs when they can’t find other ways to make the sexual harassment end, but it does not need to be that way. Sexual harassment victims have several things they can do to protect themselves and to seek justice, and you can achieve a favorable outcome when you follow the right steps and enlist the help of a dedicated sexual harassment lawyer. You have the right to work in a safe and respectful environment, and you can do so when you take legal action against those who try to take advantage of others.

Understanding Sexual Harassment

Before you take action and seek justice against the person who has been harassing you in the workplace, learning how sexual harassment is defined is a good place from which to start. Being able to identify the problem will empower you to move forward with confidence and peace of mind, and you will know that you are doing the right thing. You will also be able to decide when someone’s actions don’t fit the legal definition of sexual harassment.

The law prevents people from harassing employees because of their sex, but harassment can take several forms, and learning about the different ones will paint a clear picture. Unwanted sexual advances and requests for sexual favors fit the definition of sexual harassment when they occur in the workplace. Making sexual comments and insults related to a person’s sex is also against the law. It’s important you remember that isolated incidents don’t always constitute sexual harassment. For the behavior to qualify, it must be severe or pervasive and create a hostile work environment for the victim.

Sexual Harassment Statistics

When you face sexual harassment at work feeling as though you are alone is common.  The reality is that you are not alone.  A study by Cosmopolitan reveals that one in three women have been the victim of sexual harassment at some point during their careers.  Also, some women don’t know about sexual harassment laws or how they can get help to enjoy comfortable working conditions. The type of harassment that those women have faced range from offensive comments and emails to unwanted sexual contact.

The study also discovered that some industries are more prone to sexual harassment than others, and women who work in restaurants have the highest risk of being targeted. Around 36 percent of women who claim to have been harassed work in retail outlets, but no career choice makes people immune to the problem. According to the study, 71 percent of women who face sexual harassment at work never report the incident.

Some incidents  go unreported because the victims are worried that reporting the harassment will cause them to lose their jobs. Others fear that doing so will make it much harder for them to advance in their careers. The law protects employees from workplace retaliation when they make a claim regarding harassment so you should take legal action. Working with a sexual harassment lawyer is a great way to help women overcome the threat and have peace while they are at work.

How to Determine if You Are a Victim of Sexual Harassment

Now that you understand how common sexual harassment is in the workplace, it’s time to learn how you can decide whether or not you are a victim. Knowing when others are being inappropriate is another tool that will help you avoid trouble and stand up for yourself so that you can end the harassment. If a co-worker has made repeated sexual advances after you have stated your disinterest, you are being sexually harassed.

Managers or supervisors who promise promotions or pay increases in exchange for sexual favors are engaging in sexual harassment, and you don’t have to remain silent. A boss who asks you to stay late but does not invite other employees to do so could be targeting you for sexual harassment. Having a manager threaten to fire you unless you accept sexual advances is another warning sign that you will need to address when you would like to protect yourself.

What to Do if You Are the Victim of Sexual Assault in the Workplace

The steps that you take when you are the victim of sexual harassment or assault will play a vital role in the outcome you can expect. When the harassment takes place, be vocal about your disinterest and your desire for the behavior to stop. In some situations, this will make the person who has targeted you feel uncomfortable and stop. If the person continues to act in a hostile way, voicing your disinterest in front of witnesses will help you build a case.  If you feel that your physical safety has been threatened or violated, you should consider filing a police report.

Also, document each case of sexual harassment, including dates, times and potential witnesses. You will then want to reach out to people who can end the harassment, but you should also document each request for help. Sending an email to human resources or writing a letter may be all that is needed to fix the problem, and keeping a copy will work wonders if you need to take your issue to court.

Why You Need a Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Although they seem simple and straightforward, sexual harassment laws can get complex if you are not experienced in dealing with them. When you reach out to a sexual harassment lawyer for support, your legal professional will help you understand the strength of your case and show you what you should do next to increase your odds of resolving the problem and being made whole.

A talented lawyer will also review the details and help you collect evidence to support your claims, and you will know what path makes sense for you. The right legal representative will zealously represent you and your rights in the courtroom and give you the best possible odds of achieving your desired result.

  • This article should only be used for informational purposes. It does not constitute legal advice, and it does not create an attorney-client relationship with anyone. If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney in your community.
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A Review of Rizio Lipinsky Heiting
Sexual Harassment Lawyer
Standing up for what is right

I was the victim of harassment at my place of work, based on my same sex relationship and my status as a gay male. I was taunted, called names, humiliated in front of co-workers by my supervisors and manager. When I told my H.R rep and district H.R they did nothing. The last straw was when my H.R and supervisor started telling the general workforce about my sexual status and if they've ever seen me in any lude acts. That's when I took legal acting against the company. Daren was recommend to me by a friend, so i looked him up and read his profile. I was looking for a lawyer who had experience in labor relations, sexual harassment and harassment based on sexual orientation and he fit the bill.

From our first meeting, he made me feel comfortable discussing the full details of what was happening to me at work. He took notes and kept me composed during every meeting we had. He gave me realistic time frames for what was to come moving forward. Standing up to my harassers was not easy but Daren assured me that I was making things better for myself and others.

Fast forward several months.... Litigation time. He prepared me about the environment we were about to enter. I was extremely nervous and excited at the same time. I wanted to tell the "Big Brown company" I have worked for and still do what they've done to me and how wrong they were to treat me and many others like me that way. So they had the TEAM of lawyers and the district H.R manger on one side and Daren and I on the other. Daren's words were sharp, clear and to the point. To make a long story short, we came to a very fare settlement. I did not loose any wages and still had my job which I've held for 17 yrs.

In the end I left really good for what I've done and I owe it all to Daren, for taking my case, knowing the law and caring for peoples rights in today's society.

- 2012-08-03 - Avvo
Five Star Rating  5/5
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