Overloaded Trucks

Overloaded Trucks AccidentTrucking companies sometimes try to eke out extra profits by putting additional cargo on their vehicles. But an overloaded truck handles differently than one carrying a normal load. The distance required to stop it after the driver applies the brakes may increase. The truck may even become unstable when turning and the result can be a serious accident.

Unfortunately for injured motorists, trucking companies and their insurance companies often resist paying fair compensation. You may need the services of an experienced personal injury attorney to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Southern California Truck Accident Law Firm

Rizio Law Firm, with offices in Riverside and Santa Ana, is a law firm that aggressively represents injured motorists and the families of fatal accident victims. We carefully investigate each accident case we handle, document the liability of the responsible party and seek maximum compensation for all losses. You can depend on Rizio Law Firm for skillful, results-oriented advocacy.

Taking Prompt Action On Behalf Of Truck Accident Victims

When you retain us to represent you, we will act immediately to preserve critical evidence and begin the legal effort. With the help of an accident reconstruction professional, we will investigate the truck accident and determine how it occurred. We will also examine critical documents such as freight manifests and bills of lading. Working with your doctor or other specialists, we will learn about your current and future medical needs. Our truck accident lawyers will calculate the full value of your losses and suffering and seek full compensation for you.

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