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uber driver assault lawyer

When Ridesharing Goes Wrong

It was supposed to be just a fun night out with friends. But one woman had no idea that the most treacherous part of her evening would occur when she made a decision that most would consider responsible—to get into an Uber. It wasn’t long before the inebriated San Diego woman was violated by the driver. And once the passenger escaped and police checked the driver’s laptop, they found even more incriminating evidence of him assaulting women. Unfortunately, this is far from the only case in which a rideshare driver has sexually assaulted a passenger.

Crunching the Numbers

When it comes to the exact number of passengers that have been assaulted, these figures aren’t released to the public. In the past five years, we know that over 100 Uber drivers have been accused of abuse or assault. Unfortunately, these numbers do not take into account the other rideshare companies out there. At the end of the day, the only way for us to investigate roughly how many claims there are is to count court filings. And many of these are delayed, so it’s practically impossible to determine how many assault cases there truly are. Once you factor in the data that the majority of sexual assaults in general—about 65%—tend to go unreported at all, there’s a sobering realization that hopping into a rideshare vehicle could have disastrous consequences if you’re not careful—or even if you are.

There’s no doubt that rideshare companies have changed the way we think about transportation in this country. They offer us convenience, but they don’t always offer safety. While there are many excellent, trustworthy drivers out there, there are also some that are bad actors. And every time you hop into a rideshare car, you’re essentially picking a lottery number and hoping that you’ve been paired with one of the many decent drivers.

How to Protect Yourself in This Scary Landscape

Fortunately, there are some ways to minimize the risk of becoming involved in one of these horrific scenarios. First, you’ll want to make sure that, when you go out, you’re not drinking so much that you’re in a blackout. Unfortunately, many of these assaults have occurred when the customer is very impaired. By not drinking so much, you can reduce your chances of being assaulted. Next, do not sit in the front seat. For many drivers, this breeds a potentially dangerous feeling of familiarity. Keep things professional and sit in the back. If you can, avoid personal conversations and do not reveal your relationship status. You do not want the driver to know if you live alone.

Although it can be difficult to plan strategically, try not to be alone in a rideshare vehicle after you’ve been drinking. Use the buddy system and have a sleepover with one of your friends so that no one is left alone with a driver at night. Other tips include not calling drivers for rides personally, not letting the driver walk you to your doorstep, and keeping loved ones apprised of your progress home. If necessary, phone a friend and keep them on the phone with you until you’ve arrived safely at your destination.

What to Do When the Worst Happens

If you have been assaulted by a driver, it’s crucial that you immediately report the crime to police once you’re in a safe and secure area. Call 911 and follow their instructions. Report to the hospital so that evidence can be collected. In your heightened state, it may be difficult to do all of these things, but remember that they are absolutely crucial to your health, well-being, and the safety of the community. You’ll also want to write down every single detail you can recall about the driver and the assault itself. Your next step will be to contact the rideshare company to notify them that you’ve been assaulted. This will effectively suspend the driver’s account, so they won’t be able to victimize others.

Why Should I Hire an Uber Driver Assault Lawyer?

If you have been assaulted, chances are that there may be some negligence. Perhaps the company didn’t conduct a background check that was thorough enough. Perhaps other riders have complained about the driver’s behavior. You won’t know the answer to many of these questions until your Uber driver assault lawyer is able to look at the case more closely. What they find may be shocking. By reaching out to an attorney who can help you, you’ve made the first step toward recovery.

Bouncing back after being violated in this way can be extremely difficult. You’ll want to have all the resources that you possibly can. An attorney can help you to pursue what is rightfully yours in the case of such an attack. It’s possible that you may need medical care, as well as therapy, after such a devastating incident. Once an attorney analyzes your case, they should be able to determine whether moving forward would be advantageous for you. Fortunately, most lawyers will consult with victims for free. After experiencing such a difficult trauma, you’ll want to know that the lawyer you work with is qualified to take on your case. A simple initial discussion with an attorney can transform your situation, helping you to move forward with repairing and rebuilding your life. It may not be easy at first, but you’re worth it.  Contact us today for your free consultation.

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