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Truck Underride


Truck Underride

How Our Experienced Lawyers Can Help Individuals Who Have Been Injured by Automotive Collisions

If a truck underride has injured a driver, our skilled lawyers can determine the factors that caused the collision. They will also examine the costs of medical services that clients may require, evaluate the durability of the types of guards that impacted the vehicle, obtain statements from witnesses who saw the event and indicate the worth of each vehicle that has been damaged. Furthermore, our specialists may evaluate the speed of the tractor-trailer and the positions of other vehicles that were close to the client’s automobile, and our law firm could study the condition of the guards that should minimize the severity of collisions.

Examining Components That May Improve Safety

During 2016, more than 1,400 vehicles collided with tractor-trailers in the United States, and numerous reports indicated that at least 300 of the automobiles traveled underneath the trailers. Throughout the last ten years, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has completed multiple tests that examined the effectiveness of side guards that could prevent cars from sliding underneath the trailers. The components tremendously reduced the severity of the collisions; however, some vehicles drove through some guards that consist of fiberglass.

If a client’s vehicle has collided with a large truck, our attorneys can evaluate the components of the tractor-trailer, and the specialists could examine loose bolts, guards that have been installed incorrectly, parts that are not designed for specific vehicles or weak materials. When corrosion has affected metal that is connected to the guards, rust could eventually cause the bolts to become loose, so the side guards may move inward if a vehicle hits the components. After a truck underride injures a motorist, our lawyers may examine other cases that demonstrate the inefficiency of similar elements and the risks that are associated with inadequate guards.

Studying the Causes of the Collision

When offering services for an injured client, our experts can study reports that indicate the speeds of the vehicles, the number of automobiles that were involved in the collision, construction zones that could have impeded the movements of the cars and the number of lanes that the road contained. Moreover, the experienced lawyers may examine debris and weather conditions that might have caused a vehicle to swerve.

Obtaining Statements From Other Drivers Who Witnessed the Collision

During a trial, the specialists may submit numerous reports from witnesses who saw the collision. The drivers might describe the orientation of each automobile, the section of the car that collided with the trailer, the overall condition of the road, the speed of each vehicle and the effectiveness of the side guards.

The Medical Expenses

Before our lawyers create a claim, we can determine the costs of the medical services that the driver needs. Sometimes, we will receive numerous statements from doctors or nurses, and these experts can indicate the long-term necessity of specific medical services.

Evaluating Emotional Distress

While analyzing the effects of an injury that a truck underride has caused, our attorneys may estimate the monetary value of emotional suffering that has impacted an injured driver. We also consider the injury’s effects on an individual’s quality of life, the burdens that are associated with physical therapy and the collision’s impact on a driver’s well-being. Moreover, our experienced lawyers could evaluate emotional stress that may be caused by the damage that the vehicle incurred.

Obtaining Additional Information

If you are ready to learn more information about the services that our law firm provides, you can examine videos that our lawyers have created, the results of numerous cases that we have managed, and our law firm’s blog. To schedule a free consultation, you should complete our company’s contact form, or you may call 888-292-8888.

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