Types of Commercial Vehicles

Types of Commercial VehiclesCommercial vehicles can include a wide variety of vehicles, from a car used for pizza delivery to a tractor-trailer rig weighing upward of 60,000 pounds. Whenever you are in an accident involving a commercial vehicle, it’s important to understand commercial truck classification and the applicable safety regulations.

The Rizio Law Firm has earned many successful verdicts and settlements for victims of commercial vehicle accidents. We understand the regulations that apply to commercial vehicles, as well at the complexities that can be involved when it comes to filing insurance claims. With offices in Santa Ana, and Riverside we serve clients throughout Southern California. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

The following are just some of the types of commercial vehicle accidents we handle:

  • Large trucks: Trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of more than 10,000 pounds are subject to Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations governing vehicle maintenance, logbooks, rest breaks and other safety issues. Large trucks are required to carry substantial insurance policies. The truck and the trailer may be covered by separate policies.
  • Smaller trucks and vans: Delivery vehicles are usually covered by commercial insurance policies, which generally have higher limits than individual policies. Like large trucks, commercial vehicles are subject to safety regulations that do not apply to passenger vehicles.
  • Taxis and limousines: Taxi companies are required to carry liability insurance. The amount of coverage can vary from municipality to municipality.
  • Food delivery vehicles: Pizza and sandwich delivery vehicles are often covered by the driver’s insurance rather than the company’s insurance.

Our lawyers will examine all sources of coverage that may be available to cover your damages. A key part of our investigation will be determining if the driver or company violated safety regulations that apply to commercial vehicles.

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