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Swimming Pool Accident AttorneySwimming pool accidents can happen at a neighbor’s home, a public swimming area or in a local housing development. Unfortunately, most swimming pool accidents are preventable and typically involve children. California has very specific statutes regarding pool safety, including the need for a fence around the pool, lifeguards at public pools, and even specific drain protections to prevent a child from becoming stuck below water. Some types of pool drains can drag a child into the drain and prevent him or her from escaping because of the suction. In the case of a pool drowning, our wrongful death lawyers would fight for the victim’s family.

Swimming pool accidents can also be minor, including scrapes, bumps and bruises. A swimming pool that does not have a proper fence erected or a bad lock can mean a curious child can wander into the pool area and drown or get hurt. The laws regarding pool safety also impact spas, hot tubs and include above and in-ground pools.

If you are injured in a pool accident or you’ve lost a family member because he or she drowned in a pool where the basic safety features were not in place, you have the right to file a civil personal injury suit. Rizio Law Firm can help you navigate the process of filing a claim and understanding the process. Call Rizio Law Firm for a free consultation and let us help you recover what is due to you.

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