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Apply for the 2022 Rizio Lipinsky Heiting $5,0000 Law School Scholarship!

The Rizio Lipinsky Heiting Heiting Heiting Law School Scholarship is open for applications! As in years past, one deserving future attorney will receive $5,000 toward their law school tuition for the 2022/2023 school year.


This marks the fourth year that Rizio Lipinsky Heiting Heiting Heiting will financially support a future attorney. Each year, our team of attorneys and senior firm management looks forward to reading your scholarship application essays. To date, we’ve awarded $25,000 in scholarships to students from coast to coast, and we’d love to consider your application this year!

The idea for the scholarship originated from Senior Trial Attorney and Firm Founder, Gregory Rizio. Greg is one of California’s most award-winning and influential personal injury attorneys. Representing victims injured in accidents and assaults, Greg has practiced law in California for more than 30 years. Likewise, Partner Daren Lipinsky is renowned for his skill in the field of employment law, where he represents employees who have experienced discrimination, harassment, wage and hour, wrongful termination, and other workplace violations.

Over the years, Greg and Daren have volunteered countless hours mentoring young attorneys and decided that a scholarship would be a fantastic way to support even younger future advocates. Today, that scholarship is included in Forbes magazine’s Ten Best Law School Scholarships for Aspiring Lawyers!

Each year, Rizio Lipinsky Heiting Heiting Heiting receives hundreds of essay, and spends hours poring over submissions. Our team draws incredible inspiration from reading the life stories of burgeoning advocates, and the big plans they hold for the future.

We hope you’ll share your story and dreams with us this year. You can read about last year’s scholarship winner Tiani Boapeah here.

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Congratulations to Tiani Boapeah 2021 Rizio Lipinsky Heiting $5,000 Law School Scholarship Winner!

Riverside Personal Injury Lawyer Firm 2021 Law Scholarship Winner

We’re excited to share the news that Tiani Boapeah is the recipient of the $5,000 Rizio Lipinsky Heiting Heiting Heiting Law School Scholarship! Tiani is starting her first year of law school this year at Rutgers University.

A self-described “first-generation everything,” Tiani’s essay stood out among the hundreds of incredible scholarship applications we received. Her knack for creating powerful visual metaphors to communicate ideas immediately caught our attention. After all, painting vivid pictures with words is an incredible asset for an attorney.

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The 2021 Rizio Lipinsky Heiting $5,000 Law School Scholarship Is Now Open


For the third consecutive year, our Southern California based plaintiff’s law firm is providing a law school scholarship to a future attorney in America. The scholarship is open to students entering law school for the first time in the 2021/2022 academic year. It is also open to current law students who will still be attending law school for the 2021/2022 school year. The entry details can be found here.

Over 1,000 future attorneys have applied to the Rizio Lipinsky Heiting Heiting Heiting Law School Scholarship over the past two years. It has been our enormous honor to support previous winners as they began law school at UCLA (2019 winner) and Harvard Law School (2020 winner).

Offering this scholarship is especially rewarding this year, following the unprecedented challenges our world has endured as the result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Students have been pulled from regular classroom activities, and forced to learn online, with limited contact with their fellow students. One-on-one meetings with professors, admissions counselors, and more have gone digital.  Studies groups have moved online. Students missed out on senior year sports seasons and graduation ceremonies. We understand it’s been hard, and we are here to help.

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10 Lawyer Movies That Lawyers Actually Love

10 Lawyer Movies That Lawyers Actually Love

Let’s face it…Hollywood has produced a lot of movies about lawyers.

But have you ever wanted to know which of those movies are actually liked by real lawyers? If so, you’re in luck.

Just for fun, our firm decided we’d share with you a list of 10 Lawyer Movies that Real Lawyers Actually Love.

No matter what your career may be, you can’t help but critique a portrayal of it when you see it on the screen. And attorneys are certainly that way when they watch movies that involve lawyers, courtroom dramas, and legal battles.

Whether a movie is funny or serious, it’s always impressive when you see a film that leaves you thinking, “Hey, that could actually happen!” Or “Yep, that’s how it actually works.” And even better, “I can use that!”

So if you’re thinking about entering law school…or you want to get a peek into what lawyer life is like…or you just want to watch a great movie, here are 10 great movies that come highly recommended by real lawyers.

Now, if you’re wondering how we compiled our list, well, we just asked our lawyer friends and colleagues a simple question:

What’s your favorite lawyer movie, and why?

And based on the responses we received, here’s our Top 10 List of Lawyer Movies That Lawyers Actually love.

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Meet J.R. Hamilton, 2020 Rizio Lipinsky Heiting $10,000 Law School Scholarship Winner!

Rizio Lipinsky Heiting Heiting Heiting Law Firm's 2020 Law School Scholarship Winner

Our team at Rizio Lipinsky Heiting Heiting Heiting is thrilled to announce that J.R. Hamilton has won the Rizio Lipinsky Heiting Heiting Heiting Law School Scholarship for 2020. This month, J.R. began his first semester (remotely) at Harvard Law School as an incoming 1L, after becoming the first in his family to graduate from college.

J.R.’s essay submission detailed the painful loss of his father 6 years ago from an opiate overdose. As personally tragic as the loss was, J.R. went into incredible detail about how common this experience is for those in his home state of West Virginia, and throughout Appalachia.

I think it would be hard to find someone who hasn’t lost a family member or friend to this epidemic, J.R. said.

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Meet the Winner of the 2019 Rizio Lipinsky Heiting $10,000 Law Scholarship: Gabriella Cohen-Herrera

2019 Rizio Lipinsky Heiting Heiting Heiting Scholarship Winner

Rizio Lipinsky Heiting Heiting Heiting is honored to announce that Gabriella Cohen-Herrera has been awarded our first-ever $10,000 Law School Scholarship. Gabriella entered UCLA as a first-year law student this August after graduating from UC Berkeley.

Suffice it to say, Gabriella’s scholarship essay was powerful. Recognizing the power of advocacy, Gabriella has made it her goal to devote her career to helping  families the way she was able to help her own.

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Rizio Lipinsky Heiting’s $10,000 Law School Scholarship

Rizio Lipinsky Heiting Scholarship Announcement 2019

To formally celebrate the launch of Rizio Lipinsky Heiting, our team of Northern and Southern California based plaintiffs’ attorneys couldn’t be more excited to provide financial support to a future attorney of tomorrow. As such, our California Consumer law firm is thrilled to announce that we’re accepting submissions from the next generation of attorneys for our inaugural Rizio Lipinsky Heiting $10,000 Law School Scholarship!

Open to college graduates who have been accepted into law school for the 2019-2020 academic year, and to current law students, who will still be enrolled in the 2019-2020 year, we are accepting submissions for the Rizio Lipinsky Heiting $10,000 Law School Scholarship through May 1, 2019.

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Sexual Harassment Secret Settlements

Sexual Harassment Secret Settlements Testimony Thumbnail

For those who have been following the news recently, it is practically impossible to go a mere hour without hearing the phrase “NDA”. You may also be noticing other legal terminology used in conjunction with sexual harassment cases. After all, non-disclosure and non-disparagement agreement have become an industry standard when sexual harassment cases are being settled. However, questions about the ethics of these agreements have been dominating the conversation recently.

Due to Daren Lipinsky’s vast experience advocating for those who have been sexually harassed, the senior trial attorney has been called upon to consult various groups and participate in informational hearings. When California’s state legislature wanted to expand its knowledge on the topic, they asked Lipinsky to enlighten the group on the details and intricacies of the way these cases are often settled. Not only did the lawyer shed light on the facts and statistics, but he also provided the group with his unique perspective after 20 years of litigating such cases.

For instance, many people tend to believe that sexual harassment only occurs in certain industries, but this is far from the truth. From low-level banking employees to those who hold glamorous positions in the entertainment industry, the list of victims spans a stunning array of sectors. Furthermore, after detailing the actions of their accusers and reliving the painful scenarios over and over again, many victims are traumatized and crave a sense of closure. Perhaps they don’t want to be continuously characterized by one of the worst times in their life, so they choose to sign agreements that will prevent the details of their stories from being publicized.

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Daren Lipinsky Elected As Member of American Board of Trial Advocates

Daren Lipinsky Employment Lawyer ABOTA MemberFebruary 5, 2018

San Bernardino, California – Attorney Daren Lipinsky, of the nationally-renowned employment law firm of Lipinsky Law, has been admitted as a member to the American Board of Trial Advocates (ABOTA). The ABOTA National Board of Directors elected Lipinsky based on his peer-reviewed proficiency as a trial lawyer and based on his integrity and commitment to the legal profession.

ABOTA is an invitation-only national organization of the finest trial lawyers and judges in America. Its members represent both plaintiffs and defendants in civil cases. The organization was created in 1958 to defend and preserve the right granted to all Americans by the Seventh Amendment to the Constitution, the right to trial by jury. All of the attorneys who belong to ABOTA have earned significant distinction in their trial work. ABOTA’s Code of Professionalism and Principles of Civility have elevated standards of integrity, honor, ethics, civility, and courtesy in the legal profession.

ABOTA’s Membership constitutes a “Who’s Who” of America’s top trial lawyers. Only trial lawyers that have completed a considerable number of civil jury trials qualify for nomination. Representatives of the nominee’s local ABOTA chapter, local Executive Board, and National ABOTA Board vote on whether a new member will be accepted. As such, membership also constitutes peer recognition of trial acumen and professionalism.

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