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Riverside Personal Injury AttorneyIf you have experienced a personal injury, getting through daily life can be a challenging experience. Whether trying to get through the day facing debilitating pain or struggling with an injury that prevents you from getting up in the morning, we understand that each personal injury case represents real human pain, suffering, and loss.  At the Rizio Law Firm, we help people who are injured receive the compensation that they deserve so they can begin to repair their lives and move forward. To understand how to proceed with your case after experiencing a personal injury, take the time to understand what legal options are available in your situation.

Understanding Personal Injury Cases

A personal injury case results when one person sustains an injury in an accident, and someone else is legally responsible for causing that injury. There are many types of personal injury cases including car accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, and wrongful death. Each case will have its own set of unique circumstances that a Riverside personal injury attorney can help with.

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Slip and Falls

One of the most common cases in personal injury law is a slip and fall lawsuit. In a slip and fall case, you attempt to obtain damages from a person or organization that either knew or should have known that their premises had the potential to cause harm. Examples of instances where a slip and fall lawsuit could be pursued include slipping on a wet surface, tumbling down a stairwell, or falling into an empty swimming pool. When awarding damages, courts consider both the degree of injury that you sustained and the degree to which the negligence of the property owner contributed to your suffering.

Workplace Injuries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are 147 million U.S. workers who are currently employed. With so many people working, it is unsurprising that 1.5 million workers are injured each year. Due to the high volume of occupational injuries, specific laws have been enacted on both the state and federal levels enabling employees to obtain compensation using specific employment laws. Workers’ compensation laws help you to avoid having to pursue a lawsuit after sustaining an injury, but they can also waive your rights to obtain certain forms of compensation. You should, therefore, work with a qualified Riverside personal injury attorney to determine what actions you should take when you are injured in the workplace.

Working with Insurance Companies

In many instances, the individual or organization that caused you to become injured will have some form of liability insurance coverage. Unfortunately, working with insurance companies can be complex for a person who has sustained an injury. In many cases, insurance companies try to get a victim to settle for a low amount from the beginning before they understand their rights. To ensure that you obtain maximum compensation from an insurance company, you should seek help from one of our Riverside personal injury attorneys.

When Lawsuits are Necessary

In almost all instances, the best course of action is to attempt to get your wrongdoer to agree to a settlement. If, however, a settlement cannot be negotiated, it will be necessary to pursue your wrongdoer in court to obtain compensation. The evidence is a critical factor when litigating your case. Make sure you preserve as much evidence as possible, take notes, ask for contact information from witnesses, as well as any other potentially helpful information regarding your accident. The legal team at Rizio Law Firm also includes investigators and experts to help determine what happened and who may be responsible. Our experienced attorneys can help you to obtain compensation from your wrongdoer as soon as possible so that you can obtain relief from your suffering.

Finding the Right Riverside Personal Injury Attorney

After experiencing an injury, you should search for a qualified Riverside personal injury attorney who has experience dealing with cases that are similar to your own. At the Rizio Law Firm, we offer free consultations to help victims of personal injuries to decide on the best course of action. Reach out to our attorneys today by calling 888-292-8888 or filling out our contact form to arrange a free consultation.

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