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Burn Injury Lawyer


Burn Injury Lawyer

Whether you are handling hot liquids in a busy restaurant kitchen or stoking a wood stove at home, you are at risk for burns. A superficial burn may respond well to a dose of cold running water, but more severe burns require medical care and pain medication. They can even be life-threatening, with hundreds of thousands of people dying from burn injuries annually, according to the World Health Organization. This type of injury is preventable with adequate safety precautions, but when someone’s negligence causes you to get hurt, you should consult a burn injury lawyer about your legal options.

Burn Basics

Burns occur when something very hot or extremely cold comes into contact with your skin, killing healthy cells. Superficial burns that affect only the surface layer of your skin are classified as first degree. Those that penetrate into the second layer of skin are called second degree while burns that go even deeper are known as third degree. Symptoms range from redness with first-degree burns to blackening, scarring and blistering with more serious damage. If the burn extends into your bones or organs, it could prove fatal.

The cause of a burn does not determine its severity. For example, brushing against the hot fryer at work could produce either a slight burn or a deep, blistering wound. It depends upon temperature and the length of time you were in contact.

The following are common causes of burns:

  • Car accidents
  • Scalding water
  • Steam
  • Flames
  • Electrical wires
  • Hot appliances
  • Caustic chemicals

When is Someone Else Responsible?

Someone else may be at fault for the conditions surrounding your burn injury. It could be the result of unsafe conditions in the facility where you work, such as lack of safety shielding around hot equipment. A defective product, such as a hair dryer, may give you an electrical burn at home. You could be severely burned in an apartment fire because locked fire exit doors prevent escape, or you could get seriously burned in a vehicle crash due to another driver’s inattention. A burn injury lawyer is your best resource for determining whether somebody else must pay for the significant costs associated with your burns.

Adding Up Your Losses

The financial burden you face as a burn victim depends upon the severity and extent of your injuries. If you suffer third-degree burns, you may be facing an extended hospital stay, expensive prescriptions and a series of skin graft surgeries to repair unsightly scarring. Naturally, you will be forced to take time away from work, using up your sick leave and vacation time. Ultimately, your earning ability, which your family depends upon, will likely be jeopardized.

Why is a Burn Injury Lawyer Necessary?

The above examples illustrate the many scenarios possible in an injury accident, from workplace liability to landlord liability. When you are injured, your priority should be physical and mental recovery, not arguing with insurance adjusters in compensation negotiations. An attorney specializing in burn injury liability will act decisively as your advocate to exact payment from the parties at fault, protecting your economic stability now and in the future.

Help for California Injury Victims

If you have been burned in an incident someone else is responsible for, we have the skills and experience to help. Contact us at Rizio Lipinsky Heiting  by submitting our online form or calling 888-292-8888 today. We will navigate the often complex legal issues to obtain the full compensation you deserve.

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