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Loss of Sight or Hearing


Loss of Sight or Hearing

You and your horse are trotting along a country road, headed for your favorite backcountry trail, when a dirt bike comes revving around the corner, kicking up dust. The rider sees you and honks the horn twice. Your horse reacts to the sudden movement and noise by whirling around and bolting towards home at high speed. Taken by surprise, you end up on the rocky ground, hitting the left side of your head hard. You black out momentarily, and after regaining consciousness, you realize you can’t hear out of your left ear. You need the advice of a personal injury lawyer specializing in loss of hearing.

Loss of Sight and Loss of Hearing

Your eyesight and hearing are the most critical of your five senses. Without them, you would have to relearn how to go about your daily life, how to relate to the world and how to continue making a living. Accidents with vehicles falls and explosions can cause traumatic loss of sight or loss of hearing, changing your future in an instant.

Visual impairment ranges from degraded vision to complete blindness, which means you have no light perception whatsoever. There are several levels of impairment in between, including legal blindness, a specific visual impairment that prevents you from having a driver’s license. The following injuries potentially impair your ability to see, either temporarily or on a permanent basis:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Broken glass or other particles in the eyes
  • Chemical spill in the eyes
  • Corneal lacerations or abrasions
  • Penetrating wound in the eye
  • Rupture of the eye
  • Orbital bone fracture
  • Eyelid cuts or lacerations

Auditory experts have divided hearing loss into two primary categories. The first, conductive hearing loss, is due either to damage of the tiny sound-conducting bones of your inner ear, or the malfunction of your ear drum or wax/fluid that impedes the sound waves. Medical treatment or surgery often improves conductive hearing loss. The second type of hearing loss is called sensorineural, and it results from inner ear injury or nerve damage. Sensorineural impairment is difficult to treat and can be permanent. You could experience hearing impairment if you have:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Skull fracture
  • Perforated eardrum
  • Immediate exposure to an explosion or other loud noise
  • A forceful blow to the side, top or back of the head
  • Accident Liability and Compensation

If you were a victim of an accident for which another party is to blame, the law says you are entitled to financial compensation. In the opening example, if your lawyer can show the dirt bike rider intentionally tried to spook your horse or was driving without reasonable caution, that person must pay for your resulting damages. This could include not only your immediate medical bills but also charges for future surgeries, loss of earning ability and retraining to cope with deafness. A lawyer who is experienced in personal injuries can help you pursue the full payment permitted by law.

Where to Find Help in California

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