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Congratulations to Tiani Boapeah 2021 Rizio Lipinsky Heiting $5,000 Law School Scholarship Winner!

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Riverside Personal Injury Lawyer Firm 2021 Law Scholarship Winner

We’re excited to share the news that Tiani Boapeah is the recipient of the $5,000 Rizio Lipinsky Heiting Heiting Heiting Law School Scholarship! Tiani is starting her first year of law school this year at Rutgers University.

A self-described “first-generation everything,” Tiani’s essay stood out among the hundreds of incredible scholarship applications we received. Her knack for creating powerful visual metaphors to communicate ideas immediately caught our attention. After all, painting vivid pictures with words is an incredible asset for an attorney.

“Growing up in South Jamaica Queens at times, feels like you are stuck in quicksand; not fully being able to move and slowly feeling like you are sinking,” was how Tiani described her hometown. But she was quick to share that despite many challenges, perseverance is the true hallmark of her community.

“Despite living in poverty in New York City, one thing the South Jamaica Housing project I call home never lacked was talent. I know people who can create fashion-week worthy attire, knit extravagant creations from yarn, and others that can draw pictures that seem to come to life. I have met individuals that can bake the most elaborate desserts and cook the most exquisite meals. However, these potential business ideas usually never leave the blocks that comprise our projects… I always found this to be sad, but also perplexing.”

Tiani then shared an epiphany she had after meeting a human rights attorney at the New York United Nations. The attorney helped her see that she could use the law to support communities brimming with talent like South Jamaica Queens.

“In my future legal studies, I aspire to learn the role that lawyers play in the creation and stability of small businesses. I hope to use the law as a tool to motivate minority-owned businesses and entrepreneurs from disadvantaged backgrounds.”

Tiani credits her family’s incredible support in encouraging her to pursue her legal education at Rutgers. Due to the pandemic, and a personal family tragedy, she initially planned to stay closer to home. But her family insisted she attend her dream school.

“Rutgers has an amazing Clinical Training Program, and outstanding support for minority students, that will help me connect with others on my new campus. I don’t have any connections, and I don’t know anyone. So this program was a perfect fit, and my family encouraged me to go for it.”

Rizio Lipinsky Heiting Heiting Heiting can’t wait to see what the future brings for Tiani, who quotes lyrics from Drake, saying “I started from the bottom, and now I’m here,” before adding “and I’m going to bring the rest of South Jamaica with me.”

We offer our sincere congratulations to Tiani and look forward to seeing her use the law to create an even greater positive impact than she’s already begun having on others.

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