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Why Sue for Wrongful Death?

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Why Sue for Wrongful Death

Today we look at part 4 of our 6 part series on wrongful death and explore the reasons why you might want to sue for wrongful death after losing a loved one.

Why Sue For Wrongful Death?

When a close family member dies without warning, the physical, emotional and economic strain to loved ones left behind can be overwhelming. You find yourself making decisions you never expected, and the costs mount quickly.

Funeral expenses alone can add up quickly. Typical costs include the casket, ranging from $2,000 to $10,000, a burial plot or ashes niche, funeral home services, the cost of flowers, music and an officiant for the service, plus the cost of food and drink at a reception afterward.

Depending on the circumstances of your loved one’s death, you may be responsible for ambulance charges and emergency room services. Also, there could be intensive care costs, physicians’ fees, transportation fees and more.

Once you have put your loved one to rest, you face many unanticipated financial demands. For example, if the decedent provided you or other family members with health coverage through the workplace, you will have to begin paying for it yourself, possibly at a higher premium. If the victim contributed financially to your mortgage payment and monthly bills, you must find a way to cover them without that income now and into the future.

If you were injured in the same accident in which the death occurred, you might also suffer a temporary loss of income as you heal. Your medical expenses place an even greater burden on your shoulders.

If you have lost a family member who contributed to the daily running and maintenance of your household, you will likely have to pay for someone to take over those duties. Perhaps the decedent cared for your yard and garden. Maybe she did all the cooking for the family or cared for your small children. Hiring someone to do these tasks can be expensive, further straining your budget.

Finally, California wrongful death statutes allow you to seek compensation for loss of companionship, guidance, and love. While these can never be accurately translated into dollars and cents, your attorney will obtain the compensation allowed by law.

For all of these reasons, you should not hesitate to retain attorney services and file a wrongful death lawsuit. When someone else causes such financial and emotional hardships, they should foot your bills. Otherwise, you and your family will continue to suffer economically far into the future.

Something else to consider in making the decision to sue is whether the party who is liable is likely to hurt others in the same way. For instance, if a defective product caused wrongful death, the manufacturer may continue to sell that product if no one speaks up. If a dangerous blind curve on a city street caused a fatal accident, city officials might not admit it is a significant problem unless somebody sues.

Your priority will naturally be the best interest of your family, but the well being of others may also be at risk. If in doubt, call a wrongful death attorney for advice.

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