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Severe Flooding Causes Bridge Collapse

The unthinkable happened on July 15, 2015 when an elevated section of the I-10 freeway collapsed on Sunday under the pressure of heavy rains. This incident cut off traffic between California and Arizona and left one driver injured.

Desert Center is home to the Tex Wash Bridge, which is used to travel between California and Arizona. Normally, this area, just west of the Arizona state line, is high and dry, but on this day, heavy rains and flooding created wet conditions causing the bridge section to snap and collapse, according to the California Highway Patrol and reported by NBC Los Angeles.

The collapse caused one pickup truck driver to crash, causing moderate injuries. According to the Riverside County Fire Department, the driver was taken to a local hospital for treatment. The passenger from the same pickup truck was uninjured and able to exit the truck without assistance.

Quick-thinking bystanders took straps from the trucks to help secure the truck to the guardrail in an effort to prevent it from getting carried away in the rushing water. This was helpful in the first responders’ rescue of the driver and prevented injury to the passenger.

The westbound side of I-10 freeway is seriously compromised by the flooding due to the eastbound collapse. This route has been completely and indefinitely shut down according to Terri Kasinga, Caltrans spokesperson. This will, of course, adversely affect this main route taken by so many to travel between California and Arizona.

There is currently no way to determine a timeframe for reopening the free way at this time according to Kasinga. The ability to even assess the damage was delayed until the following Monday due to the weather and flooding conditions.

Besides the one crash that occurred during the collapse, six Moreno Valley homes were flooded with mud and water from the severe thunderstorm that invaded the area. Water rescue were initiated and performed by firefighters for the affected residents according to local officials.

This is part of the story about The 10 Freeway bridge collapse. What if you, a loved one, or a friend had been injured or killed in such a freak accident? Where would you turn? Would you have any recourse for compensation?

Damages and injuries don’t often end in lawsuits, but it could happen depending on the circumstances surrounding such an event. State highways are regulated and maintained by the states in which they are located and are responsible at some level for anything that happens due to bridge failure.

Only an attorney can help you find out if you have a case in such an event. It costs you nothing to find out if you can get compensation for your injuries and damages. Rizio Lipinsky offers free initial consultations for personal injury cases.

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