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Will Mullins

Business Manager

Will Mullins

Will Mullins is the Business Manager for Rizio Lipinsky. In his role Mr. Mullins works closely with a team of skilled professionals to help advance the firm’s mission and goals. He oversees all business aspects of law firm and also serves as the political liaison working with government leaders to help bring about change for consumers.

Will is passionate about people and often can be found sitting in on a meeting with a client, helping individuals and family members understand the legal process, lending a listening ear, or just working hard with an attorney to make sure a client is getting the results they deserve.

His passion for people was developed over 25+ years working at the executive level in church leadership as an Ordained Pastor and in his administrative work in the medical field. After majoring in Christian Education at the Cincinnati Christian University he went on to further his education with course work in the field of Biblical Studies at Grand Canyon University. His professional career has been enhanced by participation and certification in various leadership forums and his work serving on boards and committees for a number of non-profit entities. He has led leadership seminars, written articles for local and national publications, and has been nationally recognized for his leadership.

Will is married and has three adult children who live in Southern California. When not working, he enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading books on business and leadership, and the joy of living close to the ocean.

To contact Will, please email him at, or call 888-292-8888.

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