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Rizio Lipinsky Heiting Heiting is the premier Riverside Personal Injury Attorneys helping accident victims in Riverside, CA, to get their rightful compensation after a personal injury situation. As the leading law firm with the highest personal injury verdict in the county, we are here every step of the way in your fight to recover the settlement you rightfully deserve.

Depending on the severity of the injury, you could stay in the hospital for days, resulting in costly medical bills. If the accident resulted from someone’s carelessness, you might be able to pursue compensation for your injuries.

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What Is Personal Injury Law?

Personal injury law is considered tort law. It is a civil law concerning individuals that suffered serious injuries from an accident. According to this law, if someone has caused you harm, they have a liability for it, and you may address the problem in court. If you file a personal injury claim, the responsible party – known as the defendant – may have to compensate you for your injuries.

In simpler terms, injury law relates to any personal injury lawsuit or cases involving an accident that causes a severe injury, sometimes referred to as “catastrophic injuries.” It has many types, such as:

  • slip and fall accidents
  • motor vehicle accidents
  • motorcycle accidents
  • bicycle accidents
  • product liability / defective product
  • dog bites
  • and wrongful death accidents.

Any of these can result in personal injury claims, each complex and unique.

Cases like personal injuries can be difficult to prove, as it relies on demonstrating the degree of suffering that the victim faces as a result of the accident. This need not be limited to physical injuries, and can include:

  • Physical harm or pain
  • Mental anguish
  • Diminished quality of life
  • Emotional suffering
  • Property damage
  • Loss of future earnings/or earning capacity

Because of the complexity of personal injury cases, we strongly encourage you to talk to a Riverside personal injury attorney.

Common Causes of Personal Injury Cases

Riverside County is one of the state’s top five biggest counties. Its population is rapidly growing, making accidents a frequent occurrence. This means personal injury cases are also becoming common in the county. If you are one of them who recently got involved in a personal injury case, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Riverside injury lawyer.

Our experienced personal injury lawyers can help you the entire time, representing your best interests and your rights. We can assist in the most common cases under personal injury – slip and falls, workplace injuries, vehicular accidents, and pedestrian accidents. Let us tell you more about the situations when you might need the help of a Riverside injury attorney.

Slip and Falls

This is a personal injury case where the victim slips and falls, resulting in physical injury. In order to successfully make a personal injury case for a slip and fall accident, it involves proving premises liability. This means that the person in charge of that area should have taken proper care of it to avoid accidents.

If they neglect to take care of the premises, someone might slip because of a wet surface, fall into a swimming fall, or fall down the stairs.

If your situation is similar, you may have the grounds to file a personal injury case and get compensation. You have a much higher chance of receiving a settlement if the court determines the property owner was negligent.

Workplace Injuries

Injuries on the job are common, so laws are in place to protect ordinary citizens. If you are injured at work, different employment laws allow you to obtain compensation for damages.

For the most part, you will only go through insurance and file a claim through your employer’s worker’s compensation policy. This still involves the same process of proving the degree of suffering caused by the accident, or your claim may be denied. In those cases, you should talk with a Riverside personal injury lawyer to know what actions you should take.

Car Accidents

Auto accidents are common in Riverside County. There are numerous possible causes of car accidents, such as recklessness and distraction. It could be that the driver lost control due to a vehicle problem or driving at excessive speed. Other possible causes are poor road surfaces, bad weather or intoxication.

If you are sure an auto accident happened due to an error committed by the other driver, you can contact our Riverside personal injury lawyer. Our professional car accident attorney can help you prepare a case to prove that the other driver wronged you, and you deserve compensation.

Pedestrian Accidents

Road accidents are not always between drivers alone. The most vulnerable parties involved in a road accident are pedestrians. It is unfortunate, but they often end up suffering from the most severe injuries when vehicular accidents happen. Usually, the fault lies at the motorists who did not notice the pedestrian on the road.

The possible causes of pedestrian accidents include traffic violations, or distracted driving. If you suffer from injuries as a pedestrian after getting involved in a motor accident, you can claim compensation. First, ask a personal injury attorney in Riverside, CA, to help you build a personal injury case.

Wrongful Death Claim

In most cases, you may only end up with injuries resulting in loss of earnings, ability to work, and medical bills. However, the worst thing can also happen, and you could have lost your life. The victim of a severe accident may suffer fatal injuries. If a loved one lost their life due to another person’s negligence, you could file a wrongful death case instead.

Rizio Lipinsky Heiting Heiting Heiting’s Riverside personal injury lawyers will help you get justice and settlement for what happened. Contact us today to learn more about your legal options and legal rights.

What to Do When You Get Injured

While we hope that you never get hurt in any way, it happens, and you must know what to do to ensure you can build a strong case. After you have been injured, the steps to take are different in each case, but our advice is always to hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you. In addition, we recommend doing the following:

Get Checked at a Hospital

Before taking care of the accident itself, be sure to get medical attention first. Your life could be at stake here, so always get checked at the hospital if you get involved in an accident. Do this no matter how minor the injury seems. Along with getting treatment, doing this will allow you to obtain documentation regarding your injuries, which serve as proof.

Collect Evidence of the Accident

Once you’ve had yourself checked at the hospital, the next thing you must do is to collect as much evidence of the accident as you can. Take some pictures of your injuries and the scene. Also, obtain the license plate numbers and the contact information of the witnesses as well. Document them and preserve them on your phone or computer to help your case.

Contact Your Insurance Company With Your Attorney

The next step is to talk to the insurance company. The problem here is that insurance companies are typically not cooperative in these situations. You will likely encounter some difficulties if you do this on your own, which is why you should take your lawyer with you. Call your Riverside personal injury lawyer to represent you.

It is ideal if the person at fault would agree to a settlement outside of course. But if both parties cannot agree on a settlement, the case will have to go to court. In that case, evidence plays a crucial role, and that is why we advised you to collect as much as possible. But in case you didn’t, your personal injury lawyer will help you build a case that will get your compensation.

Get Legal Representation from a Rizio Lipinsky Heiting Heiting Heiting Riverside Personal Injury Lawyer Today

If you ever get involved in an accident with someone else at fault, you must contact your lawyer as soon as possible. Even if you don’t know if it is a personal injury case, it is still best to get their help to be sure. Schedule a schedule with Rizio Lipinsky Heiting Heiting Heiting Riverside Personal Injury Lawyer, to evaluate your case.

Let us look at your case, and we will determine the best course to get the compensation you deserve. At Rizio Lipinsky Heiting Heiting Heiting Law Firm, we always work with your best interests in mind. Contact us today at 888-292-8888, or fill out our contact form, to learn more about how we can help.

We are known for gaining maximum compensation for our clients and their family members.

With offices located in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County, and Los Angeles, we are conveniently located to help in all types of accidents cases in Southern California and the Inland Empire.

  • This article should only be used for informational purposes. It does not constitute legal advice, and it does not create an attorney-client relationship with anyone. If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney in your community.
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