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Orange County Dog Bite Attorney


Orange County Dog Bite Attorney

Whether you’re the victim of a dog bite or you’re trying to sort out a situation as a dog owner, speaking to a dog bite attorney will bring much more clarity to your unique circumstances. In Orange County, for instance, the dog bite laws have changed over the years. When you’re in need of assistance, Rizio Lipinsky Heiting is one of the best resources you can find. Not only do the attorneys stay up-to-date on all the recent changes to the law, but they understand the most efficient ways to pursue a claim.

California’s Strict Liability Laws and How They May Apply to You

In California, a dog’s owner is held responsible for any bites in the vast majority of instances. Although some states may require proof of a dog’s past aggressiveness, this is not the case in California. Even if it’s a first-time offense, an owner will likely be held responsible. If the dog bite victim was visiting the pet’s owner’s residence lawfully, for instance, then the owner will be held responsible. People like mail carriers are also protected. Since they have a right to drop off mail without incurring injuries, postal workers may also sue. A notable exception to this rule includes K9 units or dogs who are defending themselves from harassment.

A Complex Legal Landscape

As you can see, dog bite cases can often become a bit complicated. From time to time, issues of ownership can even pop up. Some companion animals may go back and forth between different homes so disputes may arise as to the identity of the pet’s real owner. Regardless, whether the bite occurred in Orange County or elsewhere, chances are that it may have created some considerable life challenges for you or a loved one. Talking to a dog bite attorney can help to alleviate your concerns so that you can start taking positive actions towards improving the circumstances. Because these cases are time sensitive, it’s always better to talk to an attorney in the immediate aftermath of the bite. Carefully file away all of your documentation that relates to the case so that you can give it to your lawyer.

First Bite Incident Versus Second Bite Incident

Whether you’re a dog owner or a dog bite victim in Orange County, you should know that the law tends to view first and second bite offenses very differently. In the case of one bite, it may be that a dog was abused or startled by a one-off situation. In this scenario, owners are still held responsible, but the law tends to be a bit more lenient. For instance, if the dog has bitten a postal worker, then a reasonable owner will take precautions to ensure that the dog is appropriately secured whenever the mail carrier comes over next. If there is a second bite, then California law will usually regard this as negligence and treat it accordingly. The stakes can be extremely high for pet owners—judges may issue an order to have a dog put down—so the importance of preventing a second bite situation cannot be overstated.

Comparative Negligence and More

In some cases, a judge may find that a case is more nuanced than just a straightforward bite. For instance, perhaps the bite victim was legally on the property, but they were intoxicated and made poor choices as far as respecting the dog’s boundaries or behaving reasonably. There are a multitude of ways in which these cases can be decided, so it is imperative that all parties reach out to a dog bite attorney to ensure that they receive the best representation. In most situations, delays can lead to even more confusion and trouble.

For all parties, the best solution is to seek out appropriate legal representation before further problems arise. When it comes to these types of cases, the team at Rizio Lipinsky Heiting can provide professional, caring and detailed legal counsel. Our attorneys are ready to help today. Calling 888-292-8888 or fill out our contact form to arrange a free consultation.

  • This article should only be used for informational purposes. It does not constitute legal advice, and it does not create an attorney-client relationship with anyone. If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney in your community.
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