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Orange County Brain Injury Attorney


Orange County Brain Injury Attorney

In life, there are very few events as shattering as a traumatic brain injury (TBI). When their brains are injured, people often find that the entire trajectories of their lives are halted or rerouted in a matter of seconds. Although these are often highly challenging circumstances, a brain injury does not mean that brain injury victims—or their loved ones—should be hopeless. In fact, consulting an excellent brain injury attorney can really help to move the situation forward in a positive way.

Statistics and Common Causes of TBI

Although there are awareness campaigns for many other types of maladies, people know shockingly little about TBIs. For instance, did you know that over one million people in the United States suffer a TBI on an annual basis? Over five million Americans are living with the consequences of a TBI, dealing with disabilities and attempting to live their best lives even though the odds are stacked against them. Car accidents are the leading cause of TBIs. Following behind in second place is firearms. Falls, which are most often experienced by the elderly, are the third leading cause. Both the very young and the very old are at a higher risk for TBI. As far as accompanying factors go, spinal cord injuries are often seen in tandem with TBIs.

Red Flags: Signs That a Brain Injury May Be Present

By their sheer nature, brain injuries can be much more difficult to diagnose and treat. While a broken limb is usually very visible to the naked eye, we cannot see through skulls to diagnose brain injuries—unless we are using medical imaging equipment. Also, the symptoms that present are often widely varied. People who experience TBI may lose consciousness for a bit, or they may remain completely conscious but become dazed. There are a whole host of sensory issues that can arise from a TBI as well; patients have experienced everything from a loss of smell receptors to blurred vision. Headaches are a common symptom of TBIs, as well as dizziness and a sense of being highly disoriented, Issues with speech can be a sign that the situation is becoming more serious.

Of course, there is a broad range of symptoms that can occur in conjunction with more severe injuries. Convulsions and seizures can be common, and patients can slip into a coma as a result of a TBI. Paralysis of muscles in the face can occur, as well as problems swallowing and issues with hearing loss. After the initial trauma, many patients report cognitive issues that arise in the years following the TBI. They may suffer from memory issues, problems with concentrating and even writing. Fine motor skills may be affected, and even something as simple as holding a conversation can become very difficult. The more one considers all of the ramifications, the more clear it becomes that contacting an Orange County brain injury attorney is a proactive step.

Determining the Severity of a TBI

Since each TBI case is unique, medical professionals must seek out ways to identify, quantify and diagnose the symptoms they see. If you are talking to an Orange County brain injury attorney about your particular situation, you will want to impart to them as many of these details as you can. The Glasgow Coma Scale is one system that physicians use, while the Ranchos Los Amigos Scale is another. Patients can be scored in areas such as eye opening, verbal responses to cues and motor responses. Since these measurements are often nuanced and complex, it is up to doctors to make conclusive statements about a patient’s condition.

Why Should I Hire a Brain Injury Attorney in Orange County?

TBI cases can be complicated. Proving liability is often a key component, which is why it is so crucial to work with a team that knows how to handle these complex cases. After all, a TBI can often drain a family’s resources. Dealing with doctors and all kinds of specialists, many find these situations very challenging to address. Whether you’re the person who’s been affected or you’re advocating for a loved one who has sustained a TBI, this can be quite an intimidating journey at first. When you work with a group like Rizio Lipinsky Heiting, you immediately feel reassured that you are in good hands. This is a team that is respectful, professional and always looking out for its clients’ best interests. During this very sensitive time, it’s urgent that you seek counsel from a firm that genuinely cares about making sure your needs are met. As soon as you speak to the staff at Rizio Lipinsky Heiting, you will get a sense for just how competent and caring the staff can be.  Give us a call at 888-292-888 or fill out our contact form to arrange a free consultation.

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