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$57.9 MILLION – Jury verdict awarded to a 25-year-old man who was severely injured in a car accident that occurred on a freeway in Riverside County. The verdict is the highest-ever personal injury award in Riverside County, California and was also the highest personal injury award in the State of California and the 2nd highest personal injury award in the nation for that year.

$7 MILLION – Settlement awarded to a 41-year-old woman who developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome after suffering trip and fall injuries caused by dangerous property conditions in the city of Victorville, California.

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By January 29, 2016

Discovery is a broad term for the investigation into a personal injury lawsuit, product liability lawsuit, or wrongful death lawsuit prior to trial.  During the period of discovery, the plaintiff’s and the defendant’s attorneys will collect pertinent facts and information necessary for building their case. Discovery may be written in the form of interrogatories/questioning or requests for production. Oral discovery includes depositions.

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