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Judie A. Deupree

Legal Secretary


Judie A. Deupree

To contact Judie, please email her at or call 888-292-8888.

Judie Deupree is a Legal Secretary with Rizio Lipinsky, based out of our Riverside office. In this role, she handles pre-litigation matters for cases such as automobile accidents, slip and falls and product liability cases.

Ms. Deupree has worked in the legal field for over 35 years, 20 of which have been with Rizio Lipinsky. She is responsible for ordering medical records, bills, and traffic collision reports for each client’s personal injury case, in addition to tracking down policy limit information on the other drivers. She also assists in our intake of new client calls.

Judie has a knack for dealing with law enforcement agencies as she worked in law enforcement prior to joining Rizio Lipinsky. She is an expert in obtaining information that is critical to the success of our client’s cases.

In addition to Ms. Deupree’s legal secretary duties, she is also the travel and event planner for the firm. Every year Rizio Lipinsky co-sponsors several dinner events – sometimes in excess of 175 people, which she plans. She also handles all of the travel arrangements for the attorneys of the firm, and handles association functions that the attorneys attend.

Judie has traveled throughout Europe, Egypt, Greece, Turkey and the Caribbean. She has cruised to Alaska and Mexico as well. Her all time favorite countries are Greece and Italy. Judie also loves animals of all kinds and is mom to a rescue cat, Kacie.

Judie has 2 children. Her daughter lives in San Antonio, Texas and her son lives in Maricopa, Arizona with his wife and Judie’s 2 grandchildren (and a white Lab grand-dog).

To contact Judie, please email her at or call 888-292-8888.

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