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Slip and Fall Accident AttorneysRizio Law Firm has slip and fall accident attorneys with the experience that can help you, or a loved one get the compensation deserved after suffering a slip and fall injury.  The following are a few questions that should be answered to evaluate your case:

  • What caused you to fall?
  • Was there a defect on the floor or ground that caused your fall?
  • Was there an object or substance on the floor or ground that caused your fall?
  • If there was a defect, an object or substance, how long has it been there and was it in plain view?
  • Another important item is, did you have a notice of the danger before the accident by way of a sign, cone or another danger signal (for instance, if you slipped in a wet substance in a grocery store, did you see paper towels on the floor)?

If you are not able to answer these questions, your ability to recover money for your injuries may be severely impacted. The staff at Rizio Law Firm can assist you in determining whether or not your case meets the necessary requirements. Too often, slip and fall accidents or trip and fall accidents not only result in minor injuries but may result in severe and even permanent injuries.

Proving Liability

Maintaining property is a serious responsibility, and failure to provide an appropriately safe environment can expose the site owner to premises liability claims. One of these types of cases deals with slips or falls.  Examples of locations where these injuries are common include parks, swimming pools, public escalators, commercial buildings and many other environments.

Legal assistance, from slip and fall accident attorneys, is typically required since property owners will attempt to get out of their obligations, and hire a legal team to try to prove that they are not liable for your injuries. These defense lawyers often argue in court that just because an injury occurred on the property, it does not necessarily mean that their client operated in a negligent manner. Our slip and fall attorneys can counter these arguments with appropriate evidence and understanding of the law.  Use our team’s experience to help you obtain compensation for your injuries.

Important things to remember after a slip and fall accident are the preservation of evidence (what caused your fall), filing an accident report (provided the incident happened in a public place), collecting complete witness information, including their full name, address, home and work telephone numbers, and getting statements from the witnesses. Never discuss the specifics of the incident with property personnel or the person taking the report on behalf of the property manager. Statements you provide them may be used against you.

Be sure to see a physician to record your injuries. Don’t assume you just have sore muscles that will go away in a few days. All companies are required to maintain liability insurance, and ultimately your compensation will come from it. Their goal is not to pay, so the better you document what happened, the more Rizio Law Firm slip and fall attorneys will be able to assist you in your personal injury claim due to a slip and fall accident.

Accident Types and Causes

Most states have a statute that requires property owners to exercise a duty of care in the maintenance of the premises. The precise requirements are different, and they are likely to depend on the type of property as well as the relationship between the injured person and the property owner.

For example, a typical situation involves incidents where a person is invited to a private home and gets injured in a slip or fall accident near the swimming pool. This case will include a duty of care related to the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain the property to a reasonable extent. Many slip and fall cases involve wet floors, insecure carpeting, or broken floorboards. Apartment complexes and luxury condominiums are common sites where these types of injuries are likely to occur. Stores and commercial business properties are also liable for maintaining a safe environment for the public.

Another common type of slip and fall case may involve an employee working at a business property. The business owner might be liable for damages if the building’s facilities are not sufficiently maintained. Improperly maintained elevators, staircases, swimming pool areas and common areas within a building may all contribute to slip and fall accidents.

A premises liability case can be brought against the owner in cases where a gate is left unlocked. This type of incident is somewhat common in certain types of residential buildings, especially apartment complexes that have outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, and other amenities. The property owner is required by law to maintain a safe environment at all times to avoid fines and penalties.

Legal Assistance – Slip and Fall Attorney

Determining the status of any legal case requires the expert services of our qualified slip and fall attorney. Collecting evidence and documentation that shows the extent of the injury, as well as proof of liability, is a key to winning in court. It is essential to contact a slip and fall attorney right after any incident that involves an injury while on the premises of a potentially liable party.

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