Nursing Home Injury Lawyer

Nursing Home Injury LawyerNursing home injuries may be due to neglect or intentional abuse. Whether they are caused by lack of supervision, understaffing or other negligence, the results may be the same: painful injuries or wrongful death.

At Rizio Law Firm, we take nursing home injury cases very seriously. Failure by a facility, caregiver or individual staff member to provide basic care or prevent injury or abuse is unacceptable. We trust nursing homes and other care facilities to care for our elderly or injured loved ones. Our attorneys will help you seek justice and compensation for the injuries your family member suffered. Please call our office at 888-292-8888 to schedule a free consultation with our nursing home injury lawyers.

Bedsores And Additional Nursing Home Problems

Bedsores (also called lesions and decubitus ulcers) can occur when bedridden patients are left in one position instead of being rotated every two hours. In addition to severe pain, bedsores can cause dangerous secondary conditions such as infection, especially if patients are not kept clean and dry. If left untreated, bedsore infections can lead to sepsis or gangrene, which may result in amputation or wrongful death in the worst cases.

Other common reasons that nursing home patients suffer injuries include:

  • Dehydration and malnutrition
  • Medication errors
  • Falls
  • Wandering off and elopement
  • Physical and sexual abuse
  • Emotional and verbal abuse

These types of neglect and abuse may cause broken bones, brain injuries, psychological injuries, back injuries and organ failure. Regardless of the type of injury your loved one suffers, we will investigate the incident and determine who is liable.

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