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I’ve Been Injured on the Job—Now What Do I Do?

There are a plethora of ways in which you can be hurt at work, but they all have something in common—a sense of panic and sometimes even dread. After all, it can feel as if your entire livelihood is being threatened—in one fell swoop. But whether you’re working in a factory or a hotel, the immediate protocol after an accident should be the same; you must report it. With each passing second that you don’t report your accident, you are putting yourself in jeopardy of not receiving any compensation for the incident.

Many people put off reporting injuries that don’t seem life-threatening or severe right after an accident. However, you must keep in mind that the shock and adrenaline of an incident can keep you from feeling the immediate impact. You may even have co-workers who encourage you not to report an accident, but you must ignore them and report it as soon as humanly possible. If you have questions about what exactly you should be documenting, you may choose to reach out to a work injury lawyer who can guide you through the steps.

What Are My Legal Rights? How Will I Be Compensated for My Injury?

Once you have reported your injury and documented as much as possible, you may want to file for workers’ compensation benefits. Each state is different so you will want to explore your options according to the state. Regardless of which area you’re in—whether it’s Sarasota or San Francisco—it is crucial to file the necessary paperwork in time. Make a priority out of it, because once you’ve missed your opportunity to file, that ship will have sailed—and you’ll be unable to be appropriately compensated for your injuries. Because filing for workers’ compensation can be somewhat daunting at times, this may be a good time to consult with a work injury attorney who can better advise you on the process.

What Is a Third-Party Work Accident and How Does It Affect Me?

You and your work injury attorney may find that workers’ compensation cannot appropriately support you in the aftermath of your injury. Therefore, you may want to look into whether or not you can concurrently pursue a third-party work accident claim. For instance, let’s say that you are a machinist in a factory. If one of your tools malfunctions and then you end up sustaining an injury because of the malfunction, your work injury lawyer may be able to pursue a claim against the manufacturer of that tool.

You may end up discovering, in fact, that you are likely to gain more compensation from a third-party work accident claim than actual workers’ comp. This, of course, will depend on the specific nature of your case and all of the details of the accident. In the past, plaintiffs have won the right to have medical costs paid for, as well as damages for property damage. Some victims have even found that they are entitled to payments for the loss of their earning potential, in addition to lost earnings and pain and suffering compensation. Until you speak to a legal professional who handles work injury cases, it can be difficult to ascertain where your injury lies in the eyes of the law.

What Are the Statistics on Work Injuries?

You may be surprised to learn that, on an average day in America, approximately 15 U.S. workers lose their lives while trying to make ends meet. Work-related accidents account for a substantial amount of visits to the emergency room, and they are responsible for a whopping 300 million injuries across the planet each year. Although it can take a bit of time to tabulate the costs, it is now believed that work injuries carry a hefty price tag. In a typical American work week, work-related injuries cost over one billion dollars, adding up to more than $60 billion per year.

Of course, specific industries tend to be riskier than others. For instance, construction jobs and those in healthcare tend to lead the pack. Working on an oil rig will obviously carry a higher risk of being injured than a regular, white-collar office job. However, one can experience an accident in any type of job. Falls are one of the most common causes of work-related injuries, as well as moving machinery and accidents related to vehicles. No one is immune from these risks, so it’s crucial to take stock of your work duties.

When Should I Hire a Lawyer Because of my Workplace Injury?

In reality, the answer to this question should always be “as soon as possible.” Whether they’re in San Francisco or San Diego, most attorneys will talk to a potential client for free. If they believe that there is no upside to their involvement, they will opt not to take on the case. There is no downside to contacting a work injury lawyer and discussing your case with them. Chances are that you will learn more about the process and will set yourself up for success—whether or not they elect to work with you. When your future health and happiness are on the line, you owe it to yourself to talk to someone who understands what you’re experiencing.

  • This article should only be used for informational purposes. It does not constitute legal advice, and it does not create an attorney-client relationship with anyone. If you need legal advice, please consult an attorney in your community.
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