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Auto Accident LawyersWaking up in a hospital bed is not an experience you would ever wish for, but an auto accident can put you in that position in the blink of an eye. You may have only a hazy memory of the events leading up to your accident, but you must face the harsh reality of recovery, both physically and mentally. You also have to worry about financial issues because even with health insurance, medical care adds up. Time lost from work only increases the mounting bills. If you are the victim of an accident caused by another person, call for legal help from auto accident lawyers.

What is an At-Fault Automobile Accident?

An at-fault accident is one caused by the actions or negligence of one of the drivers involved. In some cases, it is evident who caused the incident and the injuries that resulted. For example, if a driver failed to stop at red light and hit your car when you were proceeding on a green light, that driver is clearly at fault. At other times, who was at fault is harder to determine, and a personal injury attorney can help.

Who is Liable for Your Injuries?

Sometimes, drivers fail to obey traffic rules because they are in a hurry and purposefully ignore stop signals or right-of-ways. They are acting intentionally and must be held accountable for the consequences.

In other cases, drivers are distracted or negligent. They miss a stoplight because their eyes are not on the road where they should be. Negligence is no excuse for causing an accident, and a judge is just as likely to hold a negligent driver liable for damages as one who purposefully disregards traffic laws.

If a malfunctioning vehicle was at the root of your accident, your auto accident lawyers might determine the car manufacturer is liable for your damages and pursue that avenue accordingly. In rare cases, the city or county where your accident occurred could be held liable if unsafe roads or specific traffic situations caused your accident.

How Can Auto Accident Lawyers Help?

Many factors are relevant to successful legal action and adequate damage recovery in an at-fault injury case, including:

  • A clear description of the incident itself
  • Reliable witness testimony
  • Current and future financial losses
  • Temporary or permanent disability issues
  • Vehicle damage and cost
  • Statute of limitations for filing
  • Insurance settlement, if any
  • Pain and suffering

Whether you or a loved one are in the hospital or recuperating at home, you need a legal expert on your side to take care of these critical issues and minimize your losses. If the need for investigative services arises, an experienced injury attorney has the necessary resources.

Additionally, chances are good your insurance adjuster is not going to champion your cause in court. He or she may pressure you to accept an out-of-court settlement that is not necessarily in your favor. Before you make any decisions that affect your family’s future, contact a law firm with a proven track record for winning compensation in injury lawsuits.

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