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$57.9 MILLION – Jury verdict awarded to a 25-year-old man who was severely injured in a car accident that occurred on a freeway in Riverside County. The verdict is the highest-ever personal injury award in Riverside County, California and was also the highest personal injury award in the State of California and the 2nd highest personal injury award in the nation for that year.

$7 MILLION – Settlement awarded to a 41-year-old woman who developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome after suffering trip and fall injuries caused by dangerous property conditions in the city of Victorville, California.

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When our founder – Greg Rizio – was a kid, he knew he wanted to someday become either a pastor or a personal injury attorney.

To many, these would seem like polar opposites. One might assume that being a personal injury attorney requires an aggressive and argumentative personality and being a pastor requires a much softer and more diplomatic personality. But there was little difference between the two in Greg’s mind because he saw that both careers had at their core the noble objective of helping people through life’s greatest difficulties.

Obviously, Greg eventually became a personal injury attorney…and no average attorney either. He is one of the most elite, well-known, and award-winning personal injury attorneys in California. But his clients instantly come to find that his heart for helping those who are hurting has also been 100% fully realized as well. And that’s why he finds his job so rewarding.

In the past 20 years, he has built a firm where clients know they are loved. That’s because Greg has created a company culture where all clients are treated like family.

According to Greg, “I am a firm adherent to The Golden Rule, which says ‘always treat others as you would want them to treat you.’ So every time I speak to a new client, I can’t help place myself in their shoes and ponder ‘what if this was me? Or my family? Or my kids?’ And this has made a huge impact in the way I approach my work. In fact, it has made me a better attorney because it compels me to fight harder for my clients, like the way I would if they were my daughter, or wife, or mom. I grow close to my clients and I want to help them.”

What’s more, this attitude of care and dedication and service permeates throughout our entire staff. When you hire Rizio Law Firm to represent you, you get our entire team of caring and talented professionals on your side. Everyone from our partners, associate attorneys, case managers, paralegals, legal assistants, and law clerks, to our superb clerical staff. We work for you now, and we are all equally committed to your best interests and well-being.

Greg says, “Attorneys are often referred to as ‘counselors.’ At Rizio Law Firm, we take that idea seriously. We are not just here to solve legal puzzles; we are also here to help you through the difficult emotions and decisions that arise after a serious injury or wrongful death. We are here to support you and your family in any way we can.”

After a catastrophic injury or wrongful death, your life and the lives of your family members will be permanently changed. We will help you consider all the ways your life will be affected and help you make decisions that will allow you to move forward on the path to a brighter future.

Our personal injury attorneys and staff never forget that the outcome of your case will affect the rest of your life. So we work closely with you, always treating you like family. In fact, we often stay in touch with our clients for many years after their cases have resolved. That’s why so many of our clients come to us as referrals from satisfied previous clients. That’s why we also receive so many referrals from other attorneys, court personnel, and judges. Our peers know our reputation and are familiar with the work we perform for our clients.

So if you need someone to talk to, we are only a phone call away at 1-888-292-88881-888-292-8888.

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